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Tue Oct 25 '22 Announcement
about 1 month ago – Tue, Oct 25, 2022 at 10:00:49 AM

Image contains a screenshot of a video call with a man on the left and a workshop of Snorbles on the right. In the middle, there's a play button.

Use password “LULLABOOWOOHOO” to view our testing demo.

We’re very excited about the testing that we’ve been doing prior to shipping to those in the Beta Experience, and we wanted to share a bit of it with you today!

Quality has always been a key focus when it comes to Snorble®. With that in mind, the video above involves our Chief Technology Officer, Steve Hecker, testing Snorbles remotely with our team at OLogic (key partners for Wonder Workshop Dot and Dash, Happiest Baby Snoo Crib, Star Wars Force Trainer, and more) in San Francisco. Steve and the folks at OLogic are great, but the real rock stars of the video are the snuggle of Snorbles from our factory that are being tested. A “snuggle” is what a group of Snorbles are called and soon you will be able to snuggle with your very own. 

Some of the snuggle will soon be finished testing and then sent on their way to Beta Experience backers. Very shortly after the Beta Experience, we will airlift another snuggle of Snorbles stateside versus shipping via water which would be a longer wait time. As soon as the snuggle has arrived at our fulfillment center in the United States and been dispatched to your address, you will receive a tracking number that details when they are due to arrive at your door. 

You've waited long enough, and we're sorry about that. We are excited to be taking this big step to meeting our commitment to you, and we are pulling out all the stops to ship to your family before the end of the year!

Image contains a photo of four Snorbles looking at the camera. They are sitting on a wooden table and the Snorble logo is in the bottom right-hand corner.

A whole snuggle of Snorbles. Could they be any cuter?

In the meantime, our intention is to improve transparency in our communication along the way. The video at the top helps to illustrate some of our current testing methods, and you can view it for the next 48hrs with the following password:


We are also sourcing more visual updates from our manufacturing center to literally show Snorbles coming off the production line as soon as possible. Our team wants to see that as much as you do, and your patience has been extremely appreciated!

Above all else, we remain committed to ensuring each and every one of you receive the Snorble you ordered. We thank you again for being part of this journey and appreciate your feedback, concerns, and the smiles that'll appear on your kiddos' faces the moment their little buddy arrives.

Team Snorble

Fri Sep 30 '22 Announcement
2 months ago – Fri, Sep 30, 2022 at 05:01:23 PM

Image contains an illustration of Snorble® hugging themselves on the left-hand side with an award logo for Toy Insider's Top Holiday Toy on the right-hand side.

It is with great pleasure and with even greater smiles that we can officially announce that Snorble was recently selected by the Toy Insider as a Top Holiday Toy for 2022.

Coming on the heels of our nomination for Edge Startup of the Year, our smart companion is featured in The Toy Insider’s 17th Annual Holiday Gift Guide. This year’s guide is jam-packed with an impressive selection of interactive toys, but Snorble stands ahead of the rest with our approach to learning. Based on the fundamentals of healthy habit building, social-emotional development, and education, our smart companion will win the hearts and minds of kiddos everywhere.

Image contains a photo of two Snorbles in front of a cartoon backdrop at Sweet Suite 2022.

The sweetest momentum

This past July, Snorble featured prominently at the Toy Insider’s Sweet Suite event in New York City, where children, parents, influencers, and media raved about our little buddy (and those were just demonstration versions). We knew that this was the beginning of Snorble’s journey to homes and playrooms across the nation, but we didn’t anticipate this journey would take an exciting turn and we’d be part of their prestigious holiday guide. This is a true honor and one we humbly accept as the Toy Insider is one of the industry’s top tastemakers when it comes to play. To be recognized by this prestigious organization is the icing on the cake and our smart companion deserves every bite (if only they could eat people food!).

Image contains a photo from a factory where parts of Snorble® are shelved and ready for assembly.

Image contains a photo from a factory where Snorble® is being assembled.

Our smart companion’s journey continues

We appreciate that you might ask why Snorble has not shipped having already been featured in a gift guide, but the Beta Experience process is taking longer than expected. That leads to adjusting our shipping schedule, but we still expect to be sending Snorble out to families before the end of the year.

Granted, being recognized by the Toy Insider brings us one step closer to our little buddy’s introduction to the rest of the world, but we’re still focused on ensuring our backers are the first to meet them. With that in mind, we will continue to work with our factory for production, which is still underway while the Beta Experience happens. Above are some photos taken recently by our partners to show just some of the many parts that go into making our little buddy. Of course, in Snorble’s case, the sum is truly greater than the parts and we’re excited to be getting closer to you seeing that for yourself.

Team Snorble

Thu Aug 25 '22 Announcement
3 months ago – Thu, Aug 25, 2022 at 11:30:16 AM

Image contains an illustration of Snorble® looking to the right.

Hello again,
Since we launched our Indiegogo, we’ve heard from lots of backers who have children eagerly waiting for Snorble® to arrive, and we’re excited to say that the time for your family to meet our little buddy is getting closer and closer!

As we mentioned previously, we’ve been working on internal testing and preparing to offer a Beta Experience with a limited number of backers before shipping to all of you wonderful backers. Now, we’re happy to say that our testing has been going very well and it seems we might be able to ship earlier than expected!

With that in mind, we’ll be launching our Beta Experience by the middle of next month and eagerly waiting ourselves to hear from the backers in the program as they introduce Snorble to their families and experience the magic that our team has worked so hard to create.

As the experience winds down and we’ve heard from everyone in the group, we’ll be working hard to make any needed tweaks to Snorble before giving our factory partners the green light to start creating all the Snorbles!

If all goes well between now and then, we’ll start shipping in batches in October and getting everyone their Snorble soon after that. Rest assured, we’re super happy to announce this and we’ll be providing information around batch numbers and shipping dates along with lots of other great things in the weeks leading up to the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

Once again, we thank you so much for your patience as well as your support of our campaign, and we can’t wait to hear what you think when you meet Snorble later this year.

Hope all is well,
Team Snorble

P.S. As we get closer to shipping to you, we want to make sure we have the right information. If you need to change anything related to your preorder, you can do so by visiting BackerKit. Simply follow this link, enter your email, and away you go!

Thu Aug 11 '22 Announcement
4 months ago – Thu, Aug 11, 2022 at 02:29:38 PM

Image contains multiple Snorble® skins wrapped in clear plastic on a desk.

Hello again,
As we reported in our last update, Snorble® received a lot of attention during our first public outing at Sweet Suite 2022 in New York City, and that means even more folks are excited to meet our little buddy.

Of course, all of you wonderful backers who have supported us since our campaign will be some of the first to introduce Snorble to your family, and we’re happy to say that we’ve continued to make progress toward that day even while making a splash in the Big Apple.

In fact, while our marketing team was introducing Snorble to kids and adults alike at Chelsea Piers, our product team was well into working with our factory to ensure that Snorble is ready to be mass produced and shipped within a few months after completing our internal testing and receiving feedback from the beta experience group on the initial batches. To give you an idea of how that’s going, we thought it would be good to share a few pictures from the factory of just some of the pieces that will be going into each and every single Snorble.

Ensuring each piece meets our high standards and works well with everything else is just part of the work that we’re doing before Snorble arrives at your door, and we’re happy to say that it’s going well!

Image contains a photo of multiple Snorble® parts in a plastic container.

Image contains a photo of multiple Snorble® parts wrapped in blue plastic and sitting in a container.

As always, we’ll be sure to provide more updates here as the progress continues. For now, we hope these photos from the factory provide an exciting glimpse into just what our global team is doing to bring a magical experience to your little one(s) and you.

Hope all is well,
Team Snorble

P.S. As we get closer to shipping to you, we want to make sure we have the right information. If you need to change anything related to your preorder, you can do so by visiting BackerKit. Simply follow this link, enter your email, and away you go!

Fri Jul 29 '22 Announcement
4 months ago – Fri, Jul 29, 2022 at 10:33:14 AM

Image contains a photo of a young child looking excited as they meet Snorble®.

Hi there,
It’s hard to believe that it’s been two weeks since we debuted at Sweet Suite in New York City, and people are still talking about the splash we made!

At Pier Sixty, Team Snorble presented our interactive buddy to the world for the first time and everyone was in awe, from the influencers who attended to national media and the biggest names in the toy industry. Needless to say, we achieved a major milestone in our journey.

Now, as we continue to test and prepare Snorble® for shipping to all of you, we thought you might be interested in seeing just some of the wonderful things folks had to say about Snorble.

Image contains two photos. On the left, a little girl is looking at her mom with an excited face. On the right, the little girl is in focus and her excited face is obvious.

People Loved Our Little Buddy

It’s no secret that our main focus with creating Snorble is children, and that’s why our time at Sweet Suite (both the in-person event and the virtual) was so important. This was one of the first times we were able to introduce children and families to our little buddy publicly, and the responses were even better than we expected.

From the delight and surprise on the face of @nubiasqueendom upon seeing Snorble talk to the curiosity of all the other kids and attendees that took a moment to learn more about just what we were doing, both days were filled with great moments that our team (and those in attendance) will likely never forget.

Watch Highlights

Image contains a screen capture of the Newsy website that shows a video of Mike Rizkalla, Snorble's CEO, doing an interview.

The Media Loved Us Too

Of course, it wasn’t just kids and parents that fell in love with Snorble during the event. Everyone was buzzing about Snorble! National media outlets CBS and ABC Radio, New York’s Pix 11 TV News, and the Toy Insider’s influential in-house media team were all eager to interview our team and receive a demo from our CEO, Mike Rizkalla. We completed three on-camera interviews before the show even opened to invited guests!

Snorble also received mentions on influential industry sites like The Geekiary, who called out our smart companion as one of the tech toys they’re excited about. Moreover, national syndicate Newsy, an arm of the E.W. Scripps Company, took a special interest in Snorble and we were featured prominently on their special live reporting from Sweet Suite.

Watch Coverage

Given that this event was just a small demonstration of what Snorble will be capable of, and we’re currently working on adding even more features before production, we can’t wait to see how everyone reacts to the finished product later this year!

Until next time,
Team Snorble