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Sun Apr 11 '21 Announcement
8 months ago – Sun, Apr 11, 2021 at 07:40:07 AM

Meditation With Snorble®

Along with developing good habits around bedtime, Snorble® will also teach your child mindfulness practices such as meditation. When combined with our children's yoga feature, these two daytime activities can lead to your child learning how to better regulate their emotions while also introducing beneficial practices that will be useful throughout their whole life.

Better yet, they're both just a part of what Snorble offers overall, and we'll be introducing you to even more features this coming week.


We hope you have a peaceful Sunday,

Team Snorble

Sat Apr 10 '21 Announcement
8 months ago – Sat, Apr 10, 2021 at 08:43:04 AM

Educational Games With Snorble® | A Message from Our CEO

Continuing our series to answer questions folks have been asking about Snorble®, our CEO took some time with our little buddy to demonstrate a couple of the educational games Snorble will offer. They're just some of the many features Snorble will have to support your child in developing healthy habits to benefit them throughout their whole lives.

As always, if you have any quesitons, please let us know. We'll try to answer them in the comments, through social media, or maybe even another video from our CEO.

Have a great weekend,
Team Snorble

Thu Apr 8 '21 Announcement
8 months ago – Thu, Apr 08, 2021 at 08:01:15 AM

The Snorclepines | A Story from Lullaboo

Plenty of people have been asking us what sorts of stories our little sleep buddy will be reading for children, so we thought we would give you an example. Here's the story of the Snorclepines, some of the cuddliest residents of the magical land of Lullaboo. Our creative team, which includes a former Walt Disney Imagineer, is hard at work creating many more similar tales around all the residents of the wonderful world that Snorble calls home, and we can't wait for you to hear them all.

Upon shipping, Snorble will have a whole library of stories to choose from, and we will continue to expand it after Snorble joins your family. We've got plenty of other characters in mind, as well as lots of fun places in Lullaboo to explore, so the limit really is just our imaginations!


Hope you enjoy it,

Team Snorble

Sat Apr 3 '21 Announcement
8 months ago – Sat, Apr 03, 2021 at 07:36:05 AM

Since our last update was certainly on the funny side, we thought we would touch on the fact that we're also very serious about what we're doing with Snorble®. As much as we love to joke and have included plenty of fun things for Snorble to engage your children with, there's also plenty of research and thought behind everything we do.

We've been working on Snorble for years now, and plenty of that time involved research into just how to go about developing healthier habits around such things as bedtime while also keeping your child at the center of the whole experience. We think we've developed some great ways to make that happen, but we will certainly continue to keep an eye on current research while also consulting with experts to figure out ways we can improve Snorble.

Along with that, and perhaps most importantly, we want to hear from you, the parents and caregivers. We know that you're the best judge of what your child needs, and we're open to learning how Snorble can support you in meeting those needs. So, feel free to leave a comment, send us an email, or get in touch through our social.

For now, if you'd like to learn moe about some of the science that's gone into making Snorble, please visit our website.


Team Snorble

Thu Apr 1 '21 Announcement
8 months ago – Thu, Apr 01, 2021 at 08:33:21 AM

Self-Driving Option Now Available | Snorble®

In the last update, we mentioned that we were going to do something that would take Snorble, as well as your family, in a whole other direction. Well, today seems like the perfect day to explain just what that will be.

So, we're happy to announce a limited release of our self-driving option for Snorble®. Thanks to this innovation, our little buddy can now be the one to tell the kids if you're there yet. It's only available today, and those interested should get in touch soon. 

Until next time,
Team Snorble